Show Report: The Overslept: back to Live.

Yesterday one of my favorite bands, The Overslept played at Fluor. This time they brought support from Charmplay.


Charmplay are a Dutch indie-pop band, formed in 2015 the band currently consists of Robert Been, Sergei Christian, Kaj van Hooijdonk and Gio Sliwa.

Most notably the band has tried to break the record for fastest music video.

Their set showed how danceable their pop really is and got the crowd moving in no time. Unfortunate side effect was that their set felt way to short.

And now to the main event The Overslept

The Overslept are a four headed pop rock band from the Netherlands consisting of vocalist/guitarist Sem Jonkhout, bassist Tommy de best, drummer Daniël van den Brink and guitarist Délano Ladurner.

The band has opened for such artists as “Set it Off”, “Simple Plan”, “You Me at Six” and “Panic! At the Disco”

Their set was as energetic as expected after their tour had to be cut short almost two years ago. The band played some of their new songs and of course have some fun.

Some high points during the set where the spreading of balloons, the band making a game out of throwing the balloons at their faces. The hauntingly emotional introduction of the bands new song “Father”

As always the band put on a killer show and I would highly recommend catching them live if you have the chance

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