Throwback Tuesday:The Overslept at Fluor

It’s time for another throwback, this time I take it a bit closer to home with a show in my local scene. The a line-up consisted of two bands that are featured consistently on this blog: “Jason Waterfalls” and “The Overslept”. This show was part of “The Overslep’s” signals tour, with “Jason Waterfalls” as the suporting act.

Jason Waterfalls at Fluor 30-11-2018

Let’s talk about “Jason Waterfalls” first.

“Jason Waterfalls” is an electronic/alternative pop rock band. Formed in 2015, the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Thijs, guitarist Paul, bassist Bas and drummer Kirill.

When the band started playing it some of the audience was still dripping in but that didn’t seem to bother the band who played their sort setlist with electrifying enthusiasms.

During their sort opening the band did warm-up the crowd for what was to come and played a setlist with some of their first songs such as “Promises”, “Burn” and “Pick Up The Pieces”

This was the first or the second time I saw “Jason Waterfalls” live and it made me certain to keep an eye on them.   

The Overslept at Fluor 30-11-2018

On to the main event, The Overslept

The Overslept is a four headed pop rock band. Founded in 2014, the band is made- up of vocalist/guitarist Sem Jonkhout, bassist Tommy de best, drummer Daniël van den Brink and guitarist Délano Ladurner.

Their set kicked things into high-gear with the crowd jumping around and showing their best dance moves, as well as the band hyping up the crowd even more.

Their setlist was a mix of their pop punk leaning early work and their more pop oriented work of the these times.

 With classics “Golden” “She Doesn’t” “Ready to Go” and more modern “Save Our Souls” “Addicted to the Rush” and “Little Miss Has-Been”

To end the evening, me and my friends took a group picture with the band and us buying tickets for their next show.  

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