Show Reports: Call It Off- The End of an Era

A couple of days an era came to an end, with “Call It Off” playing their farewell show. So first a little personal story about “Call It Off”. The band was one of the first I discovered in my local scene and I started getting more involved into the scene because of their shows. So for me this was truly something special ending.

Before we talk about “Call It Off” going crazy on stage, lets put the spotlight on the opening band first.

Bottles of Love

“Bottles of love” are Dutch pop rock band The band consists of five members: vocalist Willem Jonker, Guitarist Nick Jongejan, Guitarist Harmen van de Rhee, bassist Tom Vorstius Kruijff, drummer Robin Faas and Jaap Mol on keys.

While their set was short, it was filled with energy, quality banter and most importantly getting the crowd moving and cheering.

During the 45 minute scene the band played songs such as “So Serious”, “Never Let Go” and “Hush”.

Call It Off

And now on to “Call It Off” first some history on the band. “Call It Off” are a Dutch pop punk foursome. Founded in 2013 the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Maurice Boiler, guitarist Adrian DeLange, bassist Lesley Klaverdijk and drummer Sergei Christian.

The build out their show for hype from start to finish, starting with the bands lowering of their banner before kicking of with “Abandoned”, the band also spend some time to talk about the band ending and shout outs to several crew and fans.

Things where turned up to eleven when the band demanded more moshpits, crowd surfers and the band introducing inflatable crocs to crowd serve on.

All and all it was a great last hooray and I for one can’t wait to see what the future brings to “Call It Off” or it’s members future projects.    

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