Release Radar #105

The week has flown by once more, and that means it’s time for a new release radar, lets take a look at the line-up.

Go Home – Call It Off

The songs opening calls back to the sound Call it of presented on their debut album, distorted guitars, Poppy lyrics and a chorus that stays stuck in your head. Lyrically the song is in a sense about the band’s end, which they celebrate with one last Ep. The song itself also talk about when it’s time to let go and move on.

Against the Grain – Outatime!

Opening with distorted guitars and fast paced drums, the song firstly reminds me of 2010 pop punk mixed with some skate punk influences. The song flies by, with the duration staying under a minute, which gives it even more of a fast paced flair.  Lyrically the song simply talks about going against the grain and finding your own path.

Earth Sick – Pom

As expected with Pom, the song opening greets you with a load of fuzz, the poppy tunes and Liza’s vocals quickly follow. The chorus turns up the fuzz before grooving by. Lyrically the song talks about building a farm on mars, which metaphorically is about getting away from once problems even through they eventually will catch up to you.  


The songs opening sound reminds me of Casualty by Mothica, but the song lyrics flow by in a more poppy way this time, holding their constant beat. Lyrically the song talks about toxic love and how the protagonist tries to keep hers away.

Dumb – Stand Atlantic ft Tom The Mail Man.

The song opens with Bonnie her vocal energy and a mix between electronic and traditional instruments. The feature kicks in at the second verse and has a unique effect on the vocals. As already happened on other songs, Stand Atlantic shows that the can mix multiple forms of emo. Lyrically it’s about not understanding way people act in a certain way.

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