Release Radar #109

It’s finally time for a new release Radar, so lets dive in to a couple of new releases. Bot Lobby – WSTR WSTR seems to return to their fast paced roots, with upbeat guitars and pounding drums introducing the song, which kicks in from the start. With around 3 minutes of energetic pop punk the…

Rickkert Reviews: Frontstreet-Moving Balance

Frontstreet is back, with the band being firmly in the category local heroes for me, its about time I introduce them to you all.  A couple of weeks ago the band released their first ep entitled “Moving Balance”.  With the latest trend of metalcore being inspired by nu-metal its refreshing how Frontstreet dings more at…

The Comeback: Part 3

Its time for the last part of my summer sum up. Sueco Sueco’s opener “The Hara” was probably one of the most energetic openers I’ve seen al summer with vocalist Josh jumping from balcony, preforming on top of the bar and going all out with surfing the crowd. Sueco match the openers energy by kicking…

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