My Top 15 Albums of the Decade Part 3/3

its time for the final part of my top 15 albums of the decade.

The Overslept-Signals

11 The Overslept-Signals (released 2018)

The Overslept is another local band for me, on signals they combine pop punk influences with sing along pop rock. While “signals” is more of an ep than a full fleshed album, I still enjoy every minute of it.

My favorite songs of the album are “Addicted To The Rush”, “Figure it Out” and “Save Our Souls

Emma Blackery- Villains

12 Emma Blackery-Villains (released 2018)

I have been a fan of Emma blackery since her YouTube days and really love the music she puts out,

Villains as a solid combination of sing along party songs, headbanging pop rock and emotional driven pop songs

My favorite songs of the album are “Dirt”, “Fake Friends” and “What I Felt with You”

Oh, Weatherly – lips Like Oxygen

13 Oh,Weatherly- Lips Like Oxygen (released 2018)

While Oh, Weatherly’s first album had more of an emo direction, inspired by mayday parade, on their second album Oh, Weatherly shows their pop punk props, in a modern and singalong driven album what really put this band on the map

My favorite songs of the album are “Chasing California”, “Burned Out” and “Love And Poetry”   

IDKHOW-1981 Extended Play

14 IDKHow-1981 Extended Play (released 2018)

This EP takes you back to the 80s, with retro synth lines and interesting lyrics this album really feels like an 80s synthpop release.

For me the most enjoyable were the little details like the opening with sound like a speak and spell and the magic flip the page sound.

My favorite songs of the album are “Choke”, “Absinthe” and “Do it All The Time”  

WSTR-Identity Crisis

15 WSTR- Identity Crisis (released 2018)

We all know the jokes about Neck Deep and WSTR, while WSTR has always been an awesome band I feel that on Identity Crisis, they really have found their own sound, I love the pop vibe that is given on this album and still listen to It often

My favorite songs of the album are “Tell Me More”, “Promiscuous” and “Ashtray”

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