Rickkert Reviews: As December Falls-Happier.

As already proofed by acts such as “Mod Sun” “Willow” and every other band in the current Nu-Punk wave, Pop punk and myspace culture are back (should I dye my hair green again?)  With a slew of artist discovering and experimenting with 2000 rock inspired sounds, one band jumped out for me “As December Falls”

Opening track “Afterglow” immediately pulls you in with its upbeat guitars and punchy vocals. While I try to avoid this comparison as much as I can, this time it rings true and the song reminds me of earlier “Paramore

The bands throwback pop keeps going with hard-hitting tracks such as “You Say When” and I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great” vocally the band most certainly keeps on the Paramore train especially the bridge of “I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great” but instrumentally the band gives their own twist to song.

Going darker both instrumentally on the intro of “Nothing On You” contrast with the energetic vocals and pop hooks. Lyrically the song talks about the comparison of lovers and a longing to get back.

“H.N.A” starts of with riffs who throw back to the 2000s emo sound, but the energy on the chorus feels a lot more poppy, even through the lyrics are still emotional. Instrumentally the band changes things up by soloing on the bridge.

“Happier” is one of the first songs I discovered by ADF and also feels like the odd duck on this album, with the punchy guitars and energetic vocals making place for slow guitars and heartfelt vocals, which remind me a little of “Emma Blackery” her darker pop style.

“Tears” gets back on track with its pounding drums and quick guitars, but the momentum of the album feels slowed down again with “Fake Company” and the emotional “All Of This is Over”

Album closer “One Last Song” feels even sadder but also has its upbeat moments, feeling like a bittersweet ending to the story of the album.

Lyrically the album follows the ups and down of a turbulent relationship, that ultimately gets stranded. The protagonist sometimes blames herself, sometimes the outside world, but all with al the songs tell a story with a bittersweet ending.

A lot of comparison’s with “Paramore” can be made in terms of the vocal style and certain hooks. With that being said the albums isn’t only a nostalgia trip, with the band showing the talent to add their own twist to the song and tell their own story while also being inspired, If I where you I would keep an eye on “As December Falls” as I’m certain their sound will evolve into something even better.

Songs of “Happier.” You should check out!


“I Don’t Feel like Feeling Great”


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