Rickkert Reviews: Aim High-Local Band Forever

A full studio album is a big milestone for any band, but the energetic pop punks of “Aim high” decided to take things to the next level and make theirs a celebration of the scene.

Starting of with an introduction by the one and only Charlie Sheen, the album immediately sets its tone for the album which is filled with featured artist and celebrity cameos.

The album is dripping with self-referencing and meta content, proofed by album opener “$ezcore$” which is as you guess an easycore song with guest a guest feature from Dan O’Connor (Four Year Strong) Lyrically the song talks about loneliness and self-worth.

The band keeps pushing with its energy with the post-hardcore centered tones of “Pajamas in Public” featuring “Reliance” and talking about a deteriorating mental state, as well as losing the will to do anything. My favorite part of this song is the breakdown at the end.

“Eton Edicius” seems to take things in a happier territory with guest feature from “Safehold” instrumentally the song feels more like a pop punk song and has the vocal emotion to match. Lyrically the song talks about being in a safe place and being let down in the past.

Next up are the rhythmic tones of “Better Than This” featuring “Broadside” going in a more emotional direction the chorus still reels you in with its hooks. Furthermore, the song forms a breather in the organized chaos of the overall album. Lyrically the song focuses on self-worth and knowing your worth. The song also features the second celebrity cameo with Soulja Boy closing the song, telling how the project is all gas.

“Gender Neutral Happy Meal” featuring both “Belmont” and “Safehold” gets back to the easycore style the band has shown before. The hook on this song is great, with the song just keep blasting forward. Lyrically the song talks about keeping feelings to yourself. Again this song features an awesome breakdown right at the end, taking you back to the 2010s.

“Counterparts” takes things into a more hardcore direction and immediately kicks you in the teeth. This is also a place where the band shows their meta side, with the guest feature on this song being Brendan Murphy from well “Counterparts” a song made for moshing in its instrumentation, the lyrics seem to talk about keeping feelings to yourself. This song features a cameo for “Lindsay Lohan” who also talks about the album being gas.

With all the hard-hitting songs on the album the mostly acoustic and slow tones of “Drag This Out” featuring “In Her Own Words” form a nice breather. The vocals give an emotional  and heartfelt tone to the lyrics which talk about fixing a relationship.

Next up my favorite song on the album “Home Is Where The Hea(r)t is” Featuring “Sleeping with Sirens” and “Like Pacific“. The song has hard-hitting pop punk tones contrasting with the soft tones on the verse. The song talks about the burden of making at big and the sacrifices you make.

Next is “Empty Streets” a more rap orientated song, Featuring “Driveways” the instrumentation is simpler put the rap/rock vibe is a shows other talent with the band. Lyrically the song talks about the protagonists mental struggles and experiences with the paranormal.

The band gives another acoustic breather with “Clear & Concise” featuring “Glimmers“. On “Clear & Concise” the to vocalist take the role of two protagonist figuring out the last parts of their relationship and being left by the other.

“Penny Lane” brings in some post-hardcore and features “Wilmette”. Instrumentally and vocally the song feels as the most hard-hitting on the album and practically being made for mosh-pits.

Album closer “Here Lies Kakarot’s Hopes & Dreams” featuring “The Home Team” feels like a mix of everything explored on the album, but instrumentally and lyrically. What stands out the most is the hook on the chorus.

With “Local Band forever” “Aim high” diffidently has set out to do something big and celebrate the scene. But this comes at a cost, the band shows of their talents on each song as well as not being a one trick pony with their material ranging in styles, but the guest features do have a tendency to steal the spotlight away from the band itself. Still if the band ever makes it to Europe I expect these songs to be a blast live.  

Songs of “Local Band Forever” you should check out


“Home Is Where The Hea(r)t is”

“Here Lies Kakarot’s Hopes & Dreams”

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