Rickkert Reviews: Pinkshift-Saccharine

At the start of this month, Pinkshift released their debut Ep Saccharine. Prior to the release their singles became quick favorites with the scene and the pure energy they put in their songs makes them one of the most vital new punk bands, but does the band deliver on the expectations set out for them.

As I expected from the singles the band kicks of with a bang on their song “Mars” and doesn’t slow down until the more emo loaded “Rainwalk” I would almost describe the band as pop punk with grunge attitude. A description that doesn’t do justice to their amazing sound.

On the Ep the band shows how the mix and match different influences and eras of alternative music into a new and fresh sound. The band itself states the be inspired by “No Doubt” , “Paramore” and “My Chemical Romance” which can al be heard on the record. On top of this the band adds their own injection of attitude making the sound their own

Lyrically the songs go to a range of subjects but mostly seem to involve love triangles mental health and heartbreak. This all blasted into your ears by the mighty vocals of Ashrita.

The roughly 14 minute ep leaves you wanting more, which means the band delivers on the expectations and I expect even greater things from them in the future.    

The energy on these songs is made to be heard live and I hope the band will visit Europe on a tour in the future.

Song of “Saccharine” you should listen to

All of them.

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