Rickkert Reviews: Without Andrew – The Great Divide

2020 was a shitty year and in case you forgot how shitty or which troubles people had to deal with, Without Andrew put the whole experience into an album.

Without Andrew has never been afraid to go to the punk side of pop punk but on “The Great Divide the band takes it one step further by dropping the pop part as a whole, going for a rawer sound and lyrics that aren’t shy, the band has a lot to say and they will blast it into your ears one way or another.

The album opens with a haunting soundbite of Boris Johnsons Covid Speech, slowly leading into opening track “No Way Out” on which the bands makes their criticism on the handling of covid and the treatment of frontline workers heard.

Taking a break from the criticism, the band gives a push in the back with the anthemic tunes and lyrics of “Undivided”

Switching things up instrumentally, the bands harsh punk tunes, get some ska influences. Which, makes the punch of “Sheep To The Slaughter” (ft Dan Dunn) just that much harder.

The band also takes aim at a myriad of targets such as social media (Doom Scrolling), racism ( Stop and Search), politics ( Don’t trust A Tory) and to top it all off, mental health “Will Death Set Us Free?”

All with all the band has a lot the say, especially about the events of 2020 and true to punk form.

Songs of “The Great Divide” you should check out


“Get up, Stand Up”

“Sheep To The Slaughter”

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