Rickkert Reviews: As December Falls-Happier.

As already proofed by acts such as “Mod Sun” “Willow” and every other band in the current Nu-Punk wave, Pop punk and myspace culture are back (should I dye my hair green again?)  With a slew of artist discovering and experimenting with 2000 rock inspired sounds, one band jumped out for me “As December Falls” … Continue reading Rickkert Reviews: As December Falls-Happier.

Bands I Think You Should Check Out: May 2020

It’s the end of the month again and I got 5 new bands I think you should check out! Incase we crash Incase we crash Incase We Crash is a Canadian pop punk trio, formed in 2015 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Simon Austin, guitarist Alex Koval and Drummer Tyler Twigger.  The band has … Continue reading Bands I Think You Should Check Out: May 2020