Rickkert Reviews: Vial- Loudmouth

In my eyes there is no such thing as a Tiktok band, with that being said VIAL’s use of the platform is how I learned about them in the first place and is a part of the internet they certainly have mastered, that the band certainly lives with the online era is made clear on their sophomore LP “Loudmouth”

With the bands sound being described by others as Pop-punk for the Extremely Online it’s no surprise the have set their sight on the villains of the digital age. Album opener “Ego Death” which takes on Devil’s Advocates and irony bros that plague spaces like “Twitter”

With their clear “Riot Grrrl” influences it isn’t surprising the group takes on Sexism, which is featured on tracks like “Piss Punk” and my favorite of the album “Roadkill”

Instrumentally the band shows its “Bubblegum” side on tracks like “Vodka Lemonade” which deals with social pressure and Anxiety. This same upbeat feel can be heard in power-pop ballad “Violet” which gives the perspective of “queer” crushes and the confusion between romantic and platonic feelings.

With all the great songs and lyrical content featured on this album, there also some points where the band misses the mark or is a little more juvenile. With lyrics more fitting for 2015 tumblr, with that being said you can expect all songs on an album to be winners.

Even through the album features a slew of emotional and serious topics, Vial isn’t above having fun with their music as well, and joking around, album closer “21”, the discretion of a live in crisis with a health dose of sarcasm and self-mockery seems the perfectly describe “VIALs” MO whatever they do, it has a fun side.

The lyrical themes on the album seem to be more relevant than ever, with the band taking on online culture and putting a mirror up for those who need to see how they are acting.

With the stigma clinging to a band that is categorized as a Tiktok band, it’s great to see a band like “Vail” that isn’t afraid to open their mouth and brings positivity back to the scene.

Songs of “LOUDMOUTH” you should check out!



“Vodka Lemonade”

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