Rickkert Reviews: Against The Current – Fever

It’s been three years, but there finally is new music from on of my favorite bands “Against The Current” not a full album this time but an Ep “Fever”. Let’s see if the band still got it.

Ep opener “That Won’t Save Us” kicks of with some up-tempo and immediately sets the tone for “Fever” and has the band showing it’s loud side. Lyrically the song describes broken hearts and the pain of letting go.

Keeping with the energy of opener, “Weapon” gives even more energy and lets Chrissy her vocal prowess take the lead. The instrumentation is hard-hitting and fast, just as expected. Lyrically the song describes the same mental and emotional battle as Ep opener “That Won’t Save Us”

Next Up is “Again&Again” which features guest vocals from “guardin”. The song opens a softer than the previous ones but makes up for it on the chorus. The hook on the chorus just digs into your brain. Guardin his parts add some electronic effects, but the song keeps its punchy instrumentation. Lyrically the song keeps with the theme of Mental health and talks about being stuck in a vicious cycle of mental problems.

“Jump” takes the ep to the edge of pop and rock in a way only “Against the current” can do. The instrumentation features darker guitars and more electronic effects, to go with the effects is Chrissy her vocal flow. The chorus is a lot sweeter in tone than the rest of the ep. This one is for sure one of my favorites on the Ep. Lyrically the song talks about being selfish for once and only making yourself happy instead of focusing on others.

After all the heard hitting songs featured on the Ep, “Shatter” brings a quiet moment, with its instrumentation centered around a lone acoustic guitar and Chrissy her vocals. The song has a more dreamy feel to it and feels like a jam for a hot summer day. Lyrically the song is a pep talk and ensures the listener that the protagonist wont shatter.

“Burn It Down” is uniquely “Against The Current” and feels like it could fit on “Past Lives” without any trouble. With fast guitars, sugary vocals and a pop hook this one is made to be on repeat. Lyrically the song talks about leaving the past behind.

Ep closer “Lullaby” trades the loud guitars for synths and electronic effects but not for long as they return on the chorus. Its soft parts feel different in part because of the instrumentation but also because the contrast with the rest of the ep. Lyrically the song talks about the contrast between dreams and the real world.

The overall them of “Fever” is build around mental health issues, fixing yourself and the hurdles it takes. Sonically this is an album that just seems to be made to play live.

Songs of “Fever” you should check out!



“Burn It Down”   

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