Rickkert Reviews: Hey, Ily – Internet Breath

“Hey,Ily” takes 8-bit sounds, Nintendocore, Emo, Powerpop and shoegaze into a blender to create their music. With synths and 8-bit sounds gaining a steady foothold in today’s music’s the question is how does “Hey, Ily” stand out with their take?

Opening song “DigitalLung.exe” kicks of with summery vibes but also bittersweet melodies. Digitized vocals show the 8-Bit inspiration that goes through this album, but the video game nostalgia gets flowing even more on “Don’t Talk About It (your Weird Complex)”  The band also shows of their blending of Shoegaze and midwestern- emo on this song.

The band also takes a trip into a more hyperpop inspired lane, with songs “Behave Like Tundra” and “Slumped” which I can only describe as standing in an arcade while a punk band plays on the other side of the room.

Lyrically the band definitively uses the Emo flavor in their blend, going with more heartfelt subjects.

If you like retro-videogames and emo, this is the band for you and “Internet Breath” shows this of perfectly. While the album fits perfectly with the weirdness that’s the internet today, it takes a love of 8-bit to get into this. Anyway the band certainly does stand out.

Songs of Internet Breath you should listen to


“Pretty Boi!”

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