Rickkert Reviews: A Place In Time- Gloomy Heirlooms

I have been keeping an eye on “A Place in Time” since they were featured on “5 bands to check out” and the pop punk four-piece finally put out new material in the form of their latest Ep “Gloomy Heirlooms”

Title track “Gloomy Heirlooms” sets its sides on social live in the digital age and is framed as a talk about the history of our current age. Instrumentally the band seems to have traded their easycore style of midwestern emo riffs and emotional vocals.

Second on the five track Ep is “Ranting at Parties” which smoothly flows from the previous song and talks about multiple issues framed as a “Rant” during a party with the protagonist reflecting on his’ desire to just have fun instead of going on its rant. Instrumentally the song keeps with its emotional feel.

Middle child “Hypertorus” has a dreamier quality to it than the previous songs and also deviates from the overall theme, with the song being a love song, instead of focusing on other issues. Instrumentally and vocally this song feels less emo and more upbeat and energetic.

“Thin Grand Line” immediately kicks off with its hook, but still returns to the slower emo side. Its chorus feels more like a metalcore song. The song talks about ambitions and making the world a better place. Preaching unity.

Closer “Coriolis” takes things back into the math rock direction with a bigger focus on the vocals. Lyrically the song talks about more world problems, Fair weather friends and the desire for things to be better.

The Ep overall theme gives a gloomy outlook from the protagonist, presented in an emotional and heartfelt way. Musically the band seems more rooted in the midwestern emo sound but doesn’t totally forget their easycore side, with grunting vocals being featured at emotional high-points and keeping pop flows throughout the songs.

Songs of “Gloomy Heirlooms” you should check out

“Gloomy Heirlooms”

“Ranting at Parties”

“Thin Grand Line”          

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