Rickkert Reviews: Action/Adventure-Pulling Focus

Pop Punk Pioneers Action/Adventure have been flying under the radar with the scene for some time and is finally breaking through. “Pulling Focus” marks the bands first release on a major label.  With the band going strong, they also have a massage for the scene. Let’s see how the band makes us listen on the album.

The first line of the album already addresses their message of #poppunkincolor with the band simply stating “Would you listen if we looked any different”

Not only the lyrical content of the band grips you from the start, their fast passed instrumentals and pop hooks on songs like “Poser reel you in quickly. The band doesn’t only focus on the inclusively with the scene but also has songs that go in a more cliché direction for pop punk, executed better than many up and coming band.

Going in a more emotional direction with “Semi-Prologue” the band also throws in some mosh worthy parts. On to my favorite song of the album with its melodic and bouncy riffs. As well as heartfelt lyrics.

The band also focuses on their own experiences being discriminated or having their music disregarded because of their skin color. On which they also focus in their video for barricades and the poppunkincolor short docs.

Ironically the band shows to have more feeling for pop punk than those who call them posers or disregarded their music. The last thing that stands out for me is how the band seems to mix in sounds that you would find faster with the UK pop punk scene whilst the band itself is from the US.

But, however you spin it. They got something to say, and we should all be listening. In my own opinion this bands rise with the scene is more than earned and I would keep and eye on them if I where you, or as the band puts it in closing track “Pulling Focus” “keep me in focus” which I’m planning on doing.

Songs of “Pulling Focus” you should listen to


“Club 27”

“Tuck Everlasting”   

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