Rickkert Reviews: Citizen-Life In Your Glass World

Citizen is back and they seem to have reinvent themselves once again, with the band taking on the sound of Emo, Shoegaze, Punk and even Easycore (on an ep that can only be found on Youtube these days) The band takes on the rhythmic side of indie going for a more danceable sound. But does the band still strive as a three-piece?

The band kicks loudly with the double punch of album opener “Death Dance Approximately” and “I Want to Kill You” to then give you a breather with “Blue Sunday”

The new rhythmic and bass driven sound on this record really shines through on songs like “Call You Bluf” and “Fight Beat” while the band also shows garage rock influences on tracks like “Black and Red”

This album also marks the first self-produced album by the band, which does show their growth and confidence in their musical ability and the album still has its quality.

But the band doesn’t fully go with only new stuff, the do keep one thing in true “Citizen” fashion the lyrically content.

“Life In Your Glass World” focuses on life and it’s discontents. The band deals with the subjects of performance, Authenticity, Love and Honesty. This all against colorful musical backdrops.

“Life In Your Glass World” shows that the band most certainly does strive as a Three-piece and can make a new sound their own.

Songs from “Life In Your Glass World” you should listen to

“I Want To Kill You”

“Fight Beat”

“Glass World”

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