Rickkert Reviews:As It Is – I WENT TO HELL AND BACK

As it Is keeps re-inventing itself, from their hard-hitting but positive pop punk on albums like “Never Happy Ever” and “Okay” to the dark post hardcore of their latest album “The Great Depression”. On their newest album “I WENT TO HELL AND BACK” they mix these influences and some new once, to reinvent their sound once again.

The albums first two tracks throwback to the upbeat pop punk of earlier “As It Is” albums, which contrast to the bleak lyrical content which is going for a full on emo vibe. Especially “IDGAF” which opens with the protagonist wishing he doesn’t wake up. 

The band keeps with the emo vibes but seems to modernize it slightly on the Nu-punk inspired songs “ILY, HOW ARE YOU?” and “IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT”, lyrically songs that diver in lyrical content, with the first focusing on love and the later focusing on the mental state of the protagonist.   

Almost halfway on the track list, the British pop punkers seem to have taken some pointers for “Waterparks” with the song giving of a dreamy vibe and being lead by electronic instrumentals. Lyrically the songs talks about not taking your own advice and being stubborn even to yourself.

Between all the doom and gloom there is also room for some nostalgia in the form of “I Miss 2003” which Ironically channels older “As it Is” influences and 2000 emo in general.

The band decides to turn things up louder on “I’M SICK AND TIRED” and “I WANT TO SEE GOD” still channeling the albums bleak subject matter. With the second song even channeling some post-hardcore vibes

Taking a turn to full Nu-punk/emo rap territory “As It Is” introduces some guests on “IN THREES” featuring “Set It Off” and “JordyPurp”. The song lyrically describes tragedy and the slew of problems the protagonist is dealing with.

I HATE ME TOO is drenched in self-hatred and the effects others can have on our self-image. Sonically the song is peak “As It Is”

“I’M GONE” and “I DIE 1000X” go forward into the main theme of the album, mental issues and thoughts of suicide

The band introduces their second guest “The Word Alive” on “I CAN’T FEEL A THING”. Lyrically the song builds forward on the themes of the album, with the protagonist sinking further away in sorrow. Instrumentally the song seems to channel the legacy of “The Great Depression”

Album closer “I WENT TO HELL AND BACK” seems to take things slower and be a turning point for the protagonist, starting his uphill battle to betterment.

“I WENT TO HELL AND BACK” channels the legacy of “The Great Depression” with stories that feel even more personal. Furthermore, the albums catchy songs feature heavy subject matter and a protagonist that seems to be fighting against their own mind. Despite the subject matter of this the song still keep stuck in your head and gives the typical “As It Is” feel.

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