Disney+ Shows I look Forward To!

About a week ago, Disney dropped a list of their plans for the future. With a laundry list of new shows to look forward. So, let’s take a look at which series I’m most excited for!

Star wars


photo from disney the mandalorian

Since The Mandalorian brought Ahsoka into live action, and of course the Thrawn name-drop, I have been wondering how her search for Thrawn would fit into the overall Star Wars story. Since there hasn’t been any trailers yet its still speculating what will happen and which characters will show up.

But it’s safe to assume that part of the Ashoka series will continue the story of rebels.  

Rangers of the New Republic

photo from disney the mandalorian

The second show that is spun-off from “The Mandalorian”, “The Rangers of The New Republic” seems to revolve around the character of Cara Dune, if the rumors are correct.

This seems interesting because the rise of the new republic is a period that  isn’t explored that much yet. Same as with the Ashoka series there are no trailers yet so it’s still speculating what the show will be about.


Most exciting about the Obi-Wan series is the return of Ewan McGregor in the roll of Obi-wan. The show is said to fill the gap in Obi-Wans story between EP III and IV.

The most interesting rumor/theory is a second fight with “Vader” and the possibility of the return of “Commander Cody” as a villain in this show.   


Revolving around the character of Cassian Andor. Andor seems the be somewhat of a prequel to the Rogue one movie.

This is the series I’m mostly excited for because of the premise, it seems the be mostly a Spy thriller set within the star wars universe.

I have always wanted to see how a classic spy story would play out if you throw it into star wars and now it seems I finally get to see it.  

The Acolyte

logo via Lucasfilm

Taking us far back into the timeline of Star Wars to a time period that is usually called the high republic. Because, this is a largely unexplored part of star wars I’m curios about what type of stories could be told from this perspective.  


Falcon and the Winter Solider

Taking place after the end of “Avengers: Endgame” and seems to be following the Sam and Bucky while the try to replace “Captain America”. As a stated before, I really like the espionage theme in general and especially in Marvel. With the winter soldier being my favorite marvel movie and agents of shield my favorite show it seems like this series can and will fill the hole left behind b it seems like this series can and will fill the hole left behind by agents.  


Everybody’s anti-hero or villain was of course brought back to time travel shenanigans in Adventures: Endgame.

Tom Hiddleston returns to his role of Loki and the trailer already shows some great scenes. With Loki seemingly locked up in some mysterious prison, and some scene that show him use his silver tongue to get out of trouble.

Most notably is the scene at the end in which Loki has a striking resemblance to D.B Cooper.

For me I’m just curios what kind of trouble Loki is going to bring and how this story fits in with the MCU and of course which results all the time travel has.    

Armor Wars

photo via marvel studios

What happens when stark tech falls into the wrong hands? That seems to be the big plot of armor wars. With Tony Stark taken out of the MCU, giving the main role of Armor Wars on to War Machine.

This one I don’t really know what to expect but it seems to follow the story style we know for the iron man movies.

Secret Invasion

photo via marvel studios

Based on the marvel storyline of the same name, Secret Invasion is where the after credits scene for Spiderman Far From Home pays off. As well as the introduction of the Skrulls to MCUm with captain marvel.

While their isn’t much know about the story this far, the show is said to have Samuel Jackson return as Nick Fury.

I’m curios to see where this can take the MCU now that the universe is made bigger than ever before.  

Moon Knight

photo from marvel comics

The character of Moon Night is often described as the marvel version of Batman which I see in a certain way, but Moon Knight also has some more mystical elements to it, which makes me curios about how Disney will dive into this side of the character.

A lot about the Moon Knight series is still unknown but I would like to see what the MCU can do with this type of hero.

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