Thoughts on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

It’s time for a new one-off, this time I discuss my thoughts on Falcon And The Winter Soldier contrary to Wandavision this show was on my list of Disney plus shows I looked forward to and that means that we can see if it delivers on its promise, so let’s get to it.

The legacy of Steve Rogers and life after endgame.

Anthony Mackie on Sam Wilson's Journey to the Shield in 'The Falcon and The  Winter Soldier' | DiscussingFilm
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The first two episodes show Sam his work for the military and the weight on his shoulder inheriting the shield. While on Bucky’s side the episodes deal with his guilt and metal problems after being the Winter Soldier. These episode’s also start showing the frenemy dynamic between Sam and Bucky. The episode also throws back to the comics by introducing Isaiah Bradley an early subject of the super soldier project, basically being used by the government.

Lastly these episodes build up the questions around the identity of the Flag Smashers and more infuriating the new Captain America aka John Walker. The show really builds tension with its cliffhangers.       

The return of Zimo and the “birth of US Agent”

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By far the best introduction or actually re-introduction in this show is the return of Zimo. This time Zimo is presented as his comic accurate self with his baron title being part of this take. We first see Zimo again in a German prison were Sam and Bucky are forced to free him and get to bottom of the flag smashers super soldier serum.

The Captain America story that inspired the most shocking scene of The  Falcon and the Winter Soldier | GamesRadar+
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We also get a deeper look at Bucky his time in Wakanda, and more shocking John Walker takes the serum, and we also see the darkness of his soul comes out, which I feel marked his transformation into US Agent.

The fall of John Walker and The Wilson family legacy.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Recap: Sam Takes the Mantle - The Ringer
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The second last episodes takes things a little slower and starts with Sam, Bucky and John fighting over the shield, which ends up in Sam’s hands once again. John Walker is brought before a court-marshal. Stripped of his rank and title John gets a offer from an mysterious women named valentina allegra de la fontaine or short Val. Her involvement this only adds more mystery and feels like another push toward Johns US Agent persona.

On the side of Bucky and Sam we see them going back to their family life, at least Sam, calling in favors from all sides to get his family boat up and running once again as Bucky shows up to give him something from Wakanda. This episode also shows Sam’s training and work to finally become Captain America.    

Captain America and The Winter Soldier  

the Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Finale Reveals Sam's New Cap Suit
(photo by Marvel/Disney+)

In the final the Flag Smashers are going for their big out, planning and executing an attack on the GRC. Sharon, Bucky and Sam fight to stop them. John shows up to kill Karli but ends up trying to safe a group of people instead, showing more of the grayness in his character. The episode debuts Sam in his comic accurate Captain American costume.

Going to some other parts of the story, this episode features a chilling speech given by Sam, showing he truly is captain America. The Last part shows the captain America museum where Sam has made sure, Isaiah his story will not be forgotten.

The episode also reviews Sharon her villain alias as the powerbroker and how she is planning to use her reinstatement with the US government to sell secrets.

Bucky deals with his demons from his Winter Soldier Days and John gets his official Us Agent Uniform and persona.

The end credits change the title to “Captain America” and The Winter Soldier”

I think this last episode is the strongest of the series, it perfectly connects and is tying- off the loose threads. Karli also dies in this episode which is framed as impactful but I wasn’t really invested in her character. I did like John his path to becoming Us Agent.

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