WandaVision: Thoughts on Season One.

A couple of months ago, I made a one-off talking about all the Disney plus shows I’m looking forward to. Wandavision wasn’t on that list but was the first one to drop and even ended its first season recently. Here are some of my thoughts. (there will be spoilers for Wandavision) 

Slow start

Wandavision Ep 1 (Marvel/Disney)

The first two episodes were released simultaneously, so I watched them back-to- back.

The first thing that took me some getting used to is the fact that the first two episodes are in black and white. An interesting artistic choice and of course working with the sitcom setting.

The sitcom setting is interesting in of itself, it took some time to be established and took me some getting used to, as the first two episodes the didn’t give an MCU vibe, but instead where purely a sitcom with Marvel characters.

Episode three did put color into the mix and introduced some new mystery into the mix. With the second appearance of Geraldine aka Monica. As well as the suspicions by vision about the world around them.      

The plot thickens

Wandavision ep 6 (Marvel/Disney)

“We Interrupt This program” the fourth episode does exactly what it says and breaks out of the sitcom part and instead shows the aftermath of “Infinity War” with the MCU with the return of Jimmy Woo known from Ant-man and “Monica Rameau” known from Captain Marvel. This also is the part where al the closing scene of the previous episodes start to make scene. This was the part of the show where I became more interested in the show.

Episode five focuses on the Twins Wanda and vision get, but drops a bombshell by introducing “Pietro Maximoff” to the cast, but not Aaron Taylor-Johnson MCU version, instead the show introduces Evan Peters as Quicksilver (who already played the role in the X-men Franchise.

Episode 6 and 7 show more of the family-live of Wanda and vision, Furthermore there are the comic accurate costumes disguised as Halloween costumes and lastly the eventual breakdown of Wanda.

These episodes dropped answers to some of the questions that I got by with the other episodes but did give more questions in return.

Blast from the past and witchcraft

Things start to go a stray, and Ages finally shows her true face as Agatha Harkness, And with a Catchy tune too.

Then it’s finally time to dive into Wanda her origins, the obsession with sitcoms, here inherent magical abilities and how the “Mind Stone” plays its role with these powers.

This is where most of the drops come and service as a wider introduction of magic in the MCU as well as the lead in of Wanda’s Appearance in the next “Doctor Strange” Movie.

The final ties all hints and plots together, with Westview being resorted, Hayward is arrested by Woo and friends, and the after credits leading with into some “Captain Marvel” with skrulls appearing to talk to Monica, and into Wanda expanding her magic the same way as “Doctor Strange”

Closing thoughts

wandavision ep 9 (Marvel/Disney)

There are a lot of plotpoints and details I didn’t go into, but this tells the gist of it. Wadavision was a show I didn’t think I would get into and it did take me some warming up to, I did enjoy it in the end.

The next phase of marvel seems to be focused more on magic than the last phases of the MCU, which I like because it gives a nice change with the other stories. Furthermore, I did like the nods to the original comics, and previous MCU movies.

Lastly the best part for me was the weekly theorizing about all the happenings with episodes, right after watching them.

I’m curios to see which effect the events of the show will have on the MCU going forward.  

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