Thoughts on: Loki season one

Loki is the Third MCU show to be featured on Disney plus and last week It got its season final, show time for me to write down my thoughts once again.

Glorious Purpose and being a Variant

The first episode opens with Loki’s escape after the “Battle of New York” and him  immediately being arrested by the “Time Variance Authority” (TVA) as his path divers from the one he was suppose to take with the Timeline, which makes him a Variant. All of this is helpfully explained by a character called “Miss Minutes”

During the setup a lot of the shows main characters are introduced, including Judge Renslayer, The Time keepers and Mobius. Its also made clear by Mobius that he wants Loki his help in the hunt for another variant of Loki.

What I like most about this episode is the feel of the TVA itself and how it feels like a big and bureaucratic agency.        

When Loki meets Loki

Loki Series Built Massive 16 Foot Lamentis Set To Bring Action to Life
loki and sylvie on lamantis (Disney+)

Loki meets the other Loki or Sylvie as she calls herself in the second episode, but we find out more about her during the third episode. Sylvie hides with apocalyptic events as Loki figures out and while Loki fights her with the TVA they zap to the worst on she has saved to travel too.

The episode sees the two variants bonding, and we learn more about Sylvie her problem with the TVA and her hunt to Kill the time keepers. During the episode we also see them trying and failing to escape from the doomed planet of Lamentis.

When they have to face the end eventually, they have a moment of staring in each others eyes and create a Nexus event (the thing that the TVA tries to stop) which ends in the TVA finding them and Mobius locking up our Loki and Sylvie is also being kept by the TVA.

What I like the most in these episodes is how Sylvie shows how the TVA are bending the truth and shows a grey morality.    

Out of time

Loki'-fans zijn teleurgesteld in deze lang gehypte onthulling - SerieTotaal
president Loki (Disney+)

Spoiler: Turns out the time keepers are fakes and that instead of the TVA and everybody in it being created by them, its employees are variants of whom their memories are erased. We also find out where the TVA dooms Variants and branched timelines to when they are removed. The answer is, the end of time, where they are consumed by a being called Alioth or live in fear of them.

As expected the place is filled with Loki’s, Loki if he got away from Thanos, President Loki and everybody’s favorite Crocodile Loki or Croki. Aside from al the Loki’s Sylvie, our Loki and Mobius meet up here and Sylvie attempts to enchant Alioth. She Believes that he is guarding the one she is after.

Loki Director Confirms MCU's Kang is a Variant of Another Character
Kang/he who remains (Disney+)

As I expected because of Comics, at the end of time the duo finds the one who remains or He who remains according to Miss Minutes or as some of you may know him, Kang the conqueror.

Turns out he planned everything, build the TVA, and he is the one that decides that what is the main timeline. He offers Loki and Sylvie to take his place or Kill him and start the circle once again.

Loki gets tricked by Sylvie, and she kills Kang, the episode ends with Loki back at the TVA and Mobius not recognizing who he is.

I like how these episodes deal with the topic of time travel and alternate timelines, it also feels like the MCU its introduction for the multiverse.            


Loki's He Who Remains, Kang, and Jonathan Majors' MCU future, explained -  Polygon
the new tva (disney+)

I like how this show introduces some new concepts into the MCU but the final did leave me with more questions than answers, it does feel like a proper kick-off for the new Phase of the MCU. I hope season two gives some new pieces to complete the puzzle started with this season.   

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