Releas Radar #8

Its Friday again and that means its time for another release radar, lets get right in.

MDA- Bony Macaroni

MDA- Bony Macaroni

Kicking off with happy sounding guitars accompanied by synths after this the song gets to a slow strumming guitar on the first verse. Building up vocally and instrumentally to first chorus. The song then flows into the second verse with guitars and synths. Building with muted guitars to the second chorus. After this second chorus the band slows to a bridge during which the guitars and drums take a dreamier vibe. Lastly the songs speed up to one last chorus.

Lyrically the song describes heartbreak, with the point of view of a drug trip.

What I like about this song are upbeat sounds combined with more emotional lyrics. The song describes a drug trip yet you still want to sing along.

My Goth Girlfriend- Without Andrew

My Goth Girlfriend- Without Andrew

The song gets started right on the first verse, supported by fast happy guitars and rhythmic drums the song gives an overall feel good sound.  The second verse starts of more bass driven before mirroring the first verse. Ending with a short stop before the last vocals can be heard.

This song is more of a happy burst than a full song but it does give you a better feeling because of it.

Lyrically the song is basically an ode to vocalist goth girlfriend.

What I like about this song, is the fact that it’s short and happy almost like a pop punk cartoon intro, which is more in the vain of bands like “Bowling for soup”  

Livebait- Capstan

Livebait- Capstan

This song kicks in with some heavy riffs combined with growling vocals, almost immediately getting to the first verse and seamlessly getting into the chorus before ending the song on a breakdown.

Lyrically the song describes an evening of binge drinking, with the goal of drowning one’s sorrows.

What I like about this song is the overall heaviness. Basically, the song is perfect to mosh to.

Wavelength-Stand Atlantic

Wavelength-Stand Atlantic

Opening with muted guitars and calm vocals the song slowly works up to the chorus which uses a vocal effect to flow back to the muted guitars on the second verse the song mirrors the first part and builds through the chorus again. This chorus is longer and switches into a bridge consisting of electronic effects combined with guitar and drums. The muted vocals of Bonnie can be heard introducing the last chorus. The last chorus puts more guitars and effects into the mix.

Lyrically the song talks about being done with a person, basically killing al your feelings for them.

What I like about this song are the electronic elements combined with guitars.  

Stay at Home- Sleep on It

Stay at Home- Sleep on It

The song starts of with calm guitars and muted vocals, switching vocalist half-way through the first verse before going to a guitar filled bridge and getting back to the muted vocals starting the second verse. The song then builds to its ends with alternating vocals making way for muted screaming before ending on a short guitar solo. For most of the song the accompanying drums and guitar keep the same calming pace.

Lyrically the song has a simple message “Stay at Home” with the lyrics representing a list of al the things you can do while stay at home.

What I like about this song is the calming feeling and the message it gives relating to current events.

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