Release Radar #9

It’s almost weekend and that means time the hear some new tunes. Let’s get into this weeks Release Radar

Anyone – Inside Electron

Anyone – Inside Electron

Swooping in with rhythmic drums and fuzzy guitars, the song shows what its al about before getting into the first verse. The song gets into rhythmic guitars and vocal patterns alternating between soft and loud, before getting even more powerful for the chorus. The second verse is started with the same riff as the beginning of the song. The song does get a little darker but still has some vocal high notes and goes back to full blast on the chorus again. The guitars get drippier on the bridge, before switching to a guitar solo and ending with one last chorus.

Lyrically the songs massage is clear, “Give me anyone! Just anyone!

What I like about this song are the fuzzy guitars which reminds me of bands like “Nothing but Thieves”

Wild Eyed – Windup Space

Wild Eyed – Windup Space

Kicking of with drums and fast guitars, the song gets to a calmer rhythm in the first verse. The chorus gets more emotional with louder guitars and powerful vocals. The second adds a second vocalist to the mix with an overall angrier sound which is carried into the second chorus. The raw emotional power of the song can be felt most with the introduction of the bridge before the guitar shines. The song ends with an explosion of vocal energy.

Lyrically the song is talks about knowing yourself before you can be there for others.

What I like about this song is the energy it carries behind its emotion.

Broadside- The Raging Sea

Broadside- The Raging Sea

Opening with a slow strumming guitar before introducing the drums and the vocals. The instrumentation follows the same rhythmic pattern during the first verse before getting a louder and almost immediately getting back softer. The second verse follows the same blueprint as the first, but introduces a robotic voice and then switches into the bridge by introducing echoes to the vocals. The song gets a loud moment then dies down again to return even louder. The song ends with its loudest parts before fading out.

Lyrically the song talks about being abandoned, and asks “What’s the fucking point?

What I like about this song is the post hardcore vibe I get from it, slower guitars and drums that carry you with the song.     

Garden – Meet Me @ The Altar

Garden – Meet Me @ The Altar

The song opens with an easycore style guitar riff combined with some 8 bit elements before getting up to speed on the first verse. The song Seamlessly switches into the chorus which is accompanied by a happy sounding guitar line. The second verse mirrors the first verse before hitting a high note vocally getting and getting back into the chorus. After this chorus the song gets into an almost breakdown like bridge. The song has a change of pace on the third verse before getting back up to speed. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song is about friendship, basically describing it as a garden that needs to grow. 

What I like about this song are the easycore elements combined with the happy pop punk feel the song got. Furthermore, the two vocalists on this song have amazingly compatible voices.       

Deadships – Dear Lover

Deadships – Dear Lover

Fading in with almost whispering vocals. The vocals switch from this whispering to full power and grunting. Accompanied by chuging guitars and loud drums the song gets to the first chorus.  The song gets from the chorus to the second verse in much the same way it has opened. This second verse is much sorter and introduces more grunting vocals and effect before kicking back into the chorus. The bridge is filled with bass heavy guitars and growling vocals resulting in a breakdown like part of the song. The song ends with one last chorus lengthen with a drum and guitar breakdown.

Lyrically the song is basically a soldier’s letter to his lover, discussing the horror he has seen and the feeling of slowly going insane.

What I like about this song are the loud breakdowns and grunting vocals.  

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