Dynamo Mildfest

real friends @ Dynamo 3-11-2019

Last Sunday was the fifth edition of Dynamo Mildfest, this a Dutch one-day festival around pop punk music. that sounded like just the festival for me so I was there of course

During this one-day festival consists of 10 bands playing, so I will tell a little about each one.


Grayscale @ Dynamo 3-11-2019

Grayscale is a pop punk band from Philadelphia USA. Consisting of vocalist Collin Walsh, guitarist Dallas Molster, bassist Nick Ventimiglia , guitarist Andrew Kyne and drummer Nick Veno the band mixes modern up-beat pop punk with emotional ambiance 

Their set was as awesome as I expected them to be, during their one-hour performance the band played hits like “Pain Killer Weather” “Old friends” and “Atlantic” 

Modern Error

Modern Error @ Dynamo 3-11-2019

Modern Error is a British post hardcore band, and even through it’s a young band they have a lot of mystery surrounding them.

Modern Error played the basement, with turned their one-hour set into a true basement show. Which really set the mood for their energic performance of songs like “Separation Scars” “Self Synthetic” and “Blackout Poetry”  

Boston Manor

Boston Manor Dynamo 3-11-2019

Boston manor is a British pop punk/emo pop band that takes influences from 90s grunge and 00s post hardcore. The band consistent of Henry Cox, Mike Cunniff, Ash Wilson, Dan Cunniff and Jordan Pugh.

Boston Manor played the mainstage and was one of my favorite bands that played, the crowd went wild from the first till the last song. Their set consisted of songs like “Liquid”, “Stick Up” and “Halo”    


Belmont Dynamo 3-11-2019

Belmont is an American pop punk/easycore band which takes their music a little more to the technical side. The band consistent of vocalist Taz Johnson, Drummer ,Brian Lada ,Guitarist Sam Patt Bassist Alex Wieringa and guitarist Jason Inguagiato

Belmont played the basement, their louder and more aggressive sound the crowd went wild with the and even joined the band on stage during some of the songs. Their one- hour set consisted of songs like “Albert” “By My Side” and “Overstepping”

Real Friends Dynamo 3-11-2019

Real Friends

Real Friends is an American pop punk band from Tinley Park Illinois. The band consist of Kyle Fasel on Bass, Dave Knox on Guitar, Brian Blake on drums, Dan Lambton on vocals and Eric Haines on guitar.

Real friends played the mainestage and gave a great closing preformance from energetic songs like “Get By” to soft and emotinal in the form of “Sixteen” and “From the Outside” as a closing song 

A great ending to a great music filled day

and now a little light on some bands I unfortunately did not see play:

Bony Macaroni

Bony Macaroni is a Dutch Emo and Pop Punk band. The band consists of Stefan Bonenstroo and friends. Stefan Bonenstroo is a familiar name in the Dutch pop punk scene as he also was the vocalist of an synth pop punk band “The Press and The President”

The Spvrk

The Spvrk is a Dutch pop punkband consisting Hannah Versteegen, Rinus van de Weerd And Roos Dukker. They make a more pop and catchy flavor of pop punk.


Mayleaf is a Dutch grunge and rock band that takes infuceses from bands like bayside and weezer. The band is kind of a dutch pop punk super group. With members from different Dutch pop punk, post-hardcore and metalcore bands The band consists of vocalist Ilah van der Baas(2 Years To Apocalypse), drummer Joël Heijda,(No Turning Back) guitarist Michiel van Iersel(Noyalty), guitarist Adrian Delange(Call It Off) and bassist Robbert van Caem(Wasted Bullet)

Mountains to Move

Mountains to move is a Belgian punk and emo band consisting of Mathijs, Philippe, Quinten and Sander.   

The Positives

The positives are a Dutch emo/indie rock band consisting of guitarist Joe Reinders, drummer Menno “Moneyman” Schaap and bassist/vocalist Tim Kauffman. the band likes to combine pop hooks with emotional driven lyrics 

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