5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out: Kingsday Special 2022

Its April and that means that this “5 bands I Think you should check out” is a Kingsday special once again, only featuring Dutch bands.  

Bony Macaroni

Bony Macaroni are an Emo-Pop four-Piece, formed around four years ago, the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Stefan Bonenstroo, guitarist Rik van der Meulen, bassist Jeroen Dammers and drummer Pim van der Meulen.

The band has released over 10 singles and one self-titled Ep.

They are mostly in their element in the live circuit, with over 50 shows under their belt, the band has shared the stage with artists like “The Rumjacks” “Daydrunks” and “GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS”

What I like about their sound is the mix of melancholy lyrics, up beat guitars and powerful vocals. Reminding me of bands like “Pup” and “Citizen”

Songs I recommend are “MDA”, “The Claw” and “Doom”  


Ivyvox is a powerpop band formed around 2019. Currently the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Bianca, guitarist Irina, bassist Irene and drummer Menno.

The band has released a handful of singles thus-far, with their latest release being the single “Trouble”

With the band being formed in 2019, the band hasn’t been around much in terms of shows, put surely is going all over the place right now, sharing the stage with acts such as “The Hearted”, “Coral Springs” and “CooCoo”

What I like about their sound is their poppy sound and feel good vibes, harking back to the pop rock of the 2000s

Songs I recommend are “Trouble”, “Into The Blue” and “Tonight”

Ink Bomb

Ink Bomb are a melodic punk band, established in 2015. Currently the bands Line-up consists vocalist Joost ,guitarist Quirijn, bassist Arina and drummer Paul.

The band’s discography currently consists of a handful of singles, a couple of Eps and one Full album “Fiction”

Ink Bomb is the band on this list with the most touring experience under their belt, playing shows all over Europe and playing with acts such as “Sweet Empire”, “I Against I” and “Toy Dolls”

What I like about their sound is the 90 punk influences and the melancholy lyrically content.  

Songs I recommend are “Brittle”, “Mutilation Boy” and “Eisenhower”  


allcaps. are an emo/ pop punk five-piece, established in 2022 the bands line-up consists of vocalist Jasper, guitarist Melle, guitarist Dalton bassist Dylan and drummer Douwe.

The band’s discography currently consists of their debut Ep (my fantasy// my enemy)

In terms of live performances the band has still to pickup steam, but the band has played a couple of shows with artists such as “To Adelaide”, “Eternal Aurora” and “Floodlines”

What I like about their sound is the nostalgic feel, combined with a modern upbeat sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Songs I recommend are “in my coffin”. “Break My Bones and “summer end”     


Floodlines are Indie-punk band. Founded around 2020, the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Jakob ,guitarist Wesley, bassist Roel and drummer Koen.

Their releases currently consist of four singles. With the latest release being “Bright Lights, Long Nights”

The band has played a couple of live shows, sharing the stage with artist such as “Total Seclusion”, and “Boxin’ The Vox”

What I like about their sound are the darker undertones, combined with a more upbeat vocal delivery and use of unusual instruments. 

Songs I recommend are “Bright Lights, Long Nights”, “Black Sheep Breakout” and “Wasting Away”  

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