The Comeback: Part one

With me sinking time into my thesis over the past six months, The blog has been a bit quite over that time, so here is a little recap of all the shows and bands I saw over those months, to keep things orderly this will be split into three parts.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line are a band I discovered some time ago and when they announced their Europe tour I was more than ready to finally see them live. With support from Dutch pop punk heavy weights “Bony Macaroni”  and newer Dutch punk band “Get Jealous” strong openers in their own right, with high points being “Bony Macaroni” covering Mr. Brightside, and the “Get Jealous” vocalist inviting her mother to the stage to play guitar. The Bottom Line gave it their all, with guitarist Tom playing in the middle of the circle pit and vocalist Callum jumping into a crowd surf. While the crowd was small, the band still gave it their all, in amounts of energy and with stage banter.

Green Day: Hella Mega Tour

Three great alternative bands in one package, what is not to like, unfortunately I missed opener “Amy and The Sniffers”. Weezer was as I expected a more mellow introduction to the show, changing to the more danceable modern pop of “Fall Out Boy” mixed with their older “Emo” songs such as Dance Dance and “Grand Theft Autumn”. “Green Day primarily played their hits, with songs from all eras of the band, with the exclusion being their latest album “Father of All”

Jera On Air

Because Jera is a festival lets quickly go over a few of the bands that I saw there.

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps is a band I listen of and on, so it was one performance I wanted to see, just to experience them live. They did not disappoint, bringing energy and great sound to the forefront of their performance.

Knocked Loose

As expected “Knocked Loose” performance was filled with crowd participation, walls of death, circle pits and of course.

Hot Milk

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried to see “Hot Milk” live multiple times, but these shows were canceled or “Hot Milk” was replaced with another band. So this was the one performance I had to see, and they did not disappoint with a magical stage presence and being hyperactive on stage, their performance flew by.

Rise Against 

The closing performance of the festival, and my first live experience with “Rise Against” I was more than satisfied that they managed to live up to the hype. Bringing  renewed energy and a sense of togetherness to their performance paired with big light shows as well as heartfelt speeches.

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