Release Radar #7

Waiting for some new jams? I got five new ones for you so let’s get right into this week’s Release Radar

In Memory- Long story short

In Memory- Longs story short

Opening with guitars fading in playing fast riffs combined with pounding drums the song takes a turn for the slower starting the first verse before getting even harder with some growling vocals that gap to the first chorus. After the first chorus the fast riffs return and lead slow down into the second verse. The second verse gets the same split between clean vocals and grunting vocals as the first verse.  The song ends with a chorus where clean and grunting vocals are mixed, and leading into a slow play out.

Lyrically the songs title already says enough, it partly feels like a breakup song but mostly its just about wanting things to be like they were.

What I like about this song are the fast riffs and the alternation between clean and grunting vocals.


Where I Want to Be – Bronnie

Where I Want to Be – Bronnie

Kicking right of with deep bass and flowing vocal on the first verse, the song has a short calm before the storm moment as Bronnie her powerful explode with energy on the chorus. On the second verse the song slows don little to get into full gear on the chorus again. The song goes almost a capella on the bridge and ends on one last energetic chorus. sonically this song reminds me a lot of the older all time low sound.

lyrically the song describes the feeling of having it made or as the title puts it bluntly being “Where I Want To Be’

What I like about the song are the powerful vocals Bronnie puts on the chorus and the trumping bass that is heard throughout the song.


Anaphlaxis – Pup

Anaphlaxis – Pup

The song starts with screeching guitars before getting into an up-tempo rhythm and introducing angry vocals. The first verse also puts some slower drums into the song and then builds up to the energetic chorus. In typical Pup fashion the song ends with a group sung chorus.

Lyrically the song describes a feeling being sick to the core and waiting for it to end.

What I like about the song is the combination of happy up beat instruments with angry vocals, which isn’t surprising as that sums up Pup their core sound.   

Sugar Hiccup (originally by Cocteau twins) – Courage My Love

Sugar Hiccup (originally by Cocteau twins) – Courage My Love

Starting with slow drums and dreamy guitars, the song starts with a chorus sung by a distant and calm voice. Before the bridge a drum using the 80’s style gated reverb can be heard. The song keeps one consistent and relaxing tempo in which the choruses and verses effortlessly flow over in one another. The song leans heavy on the 80s style and as such even ends with an appropriate fade out

Lyrically the song feels more like a lullaby with short verses and more repeating choruses.

What I like about the song is the relaxing atmosphere and 80s vibe I get from it.

Nill-league – Altitude

Nill-league – Altitude

The song opens with pounding drums and fast guitars, to then take it a little slower on the first verse. Getting back to the faster and louder side at the start of the first chorus. The song is bridged by a repeat of the intro before getting to the second verse which is sung by a slightly distorted voice and accompanied by rhythmic drums. The song then flows into a guitar solo before getting into the third verse and slowing down the tempo of the song. The song ends with alternating vocals and an emotional outro.

Lyrically the song describes the feeling you get when a relationship is over, being sad but also feeling that it’s time to walk away.

What I like about this song is the old school pop punk vibe I get from it, with sounds in the vain of bands like “Blink 182” and “New Found Glory

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