Throwback Tuesday, Seeing Green Day Live!

It’s time for another throwback Tuesday, this time I talk about seeing a band that needs no introduction Green Day, before we get to them let’s talk about their opener first.  

The Interrupters

The Interrupters @ziggo dome 31-1-2017

The interrupters are an American ska punk band. Founded in 2011 the band is currently comprised of vocalist Aimee Interrupter, guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona and drummer Jesse Bivona.

When I saw them, they had released two albums so far, “Say It Out Loud” (2016) and “Fight the Good Fight” (2018)

Notably the band has toured with such acts as “The Regrettes” and “Sharp Shock”

During their set they set the mood and gave the crowd an awesome warm up for Green Day. With songs like “A Friend Like Me” “This is the New Sound” and “Media Sensation”    

 While Green Day needs no introduction for the sake of consistency let’s get into who they are.   

Green Day

Green Day @ziggo dome 31-1-2017

Green Day is an American punk band. Formed in 1987, the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tré Cool. On tour the band is joined by touring members Jason Frees on keyboard, Jason White on guitar and Kevin Preston on guitar.

The band has released 15 albums thus far and when I saw them live in 2017, they had just released “Revolution Radio”

Their set was a blast from start to finish and still one of the best live shows I have seen with fireworks, chancing banners and a good mix of older and newer songs

During their set they played such classics like “Letterbomb”, “Longview”, “Hitchin’ a Ride” “When I Come Around” and of course “Basket Case”   

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