Throwback Tuesday: Seeing The Offspring live!

Like I already talked about in “the First Real Show I Went To!” When I started listening to alternative music and pop punk in general there were two bands I loved most, All Time Low and The Offspring. 

With me already having talked about seeing “All Time Low” live, its now time for a throwback to when I saw “The offspring” live in 2016.

First let’s talk about the supporting acts “Harsh Realms” and “Good Riddance”

Harsh Realms is are Dutch punk band, founded in 2012 consisting of vocalist/bassist Maarten de Vugt, vocalist/guitarist Hans Vermeeren, vocalist/guitarist Coen Floren and Drummer Wouter De Vught

When I saw them live the had released one album Pølp

Their set was short but filled with punk energy, they played such songs as “Get Away”, “Striking Distance”, “First at The Crime Scene” and “Last at the Party Scene”

Good Riddance @ 013 16-06-2016

Now on to the second act of the evening: Good Riddance

Good Riddance is an American punk band from Santa Cruz, California, founded in 1986 the band currently consist of vocalist Russ Rankin, guitarist Luke Pabich, bassist Chuck Platt and drummer Sean Sellers.

When I saw them live, they had released 11 albums with “Peace in Our Time” as their most recent release.

Their set was hard hitting and fun, a handful of songs the played are “Disputatio”, “Running on Fumes” and “United Cigar”

And now finally The Offspring

The Offspring @ 013 16-06-2016

The Offspring is an American punk band from Garden Grove, California, founded in 1984 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Dexter Holland, lead guitarist Noodles, drummer Pete Parada and bassist Todd Morse

When I saw them live, the had released nine albums, with their most recent release being “Days Go By”  

During their set I was in awe of the energy they brought and I still see this show as one of the best that I have been to, they played some of my favorite songs like, “You’re Gonna Go Far,Kid”, “Lightning Rod”, “Americana” and “Self Esteem”

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