Release Rader #2

While concerts are of the board for a while, there is still plenty of music released and ready to be discovered. Let’s discus some songs that where on my Spotify Release Radar this week.


Catharsis- Downcast  

Opening with hard hitting drums and fast guitars, before mellowing down a little on the first verse singer Liam Edwards starts off with strong vocals. On the chorus the band gets a little bit harder but keeps it simple. Together with the combination of soft verses that build up to the chorus this song is everything you can expect from a pop punk tune.

The chorus makes the song sing along worthy for sure, ending with a well-timed fade out gives the song an emotional kick.

Lyrically the song discusses the aftermath of a relationship with the singer feeling lonely but relieved, a theme we all can get behind. While the subject matter is emotional, this song up-beat tempo will have you singing along in no time.


Hideout – Belmont

Kicking off with the chorus sung by a distorted Taz Johnson the song gets hyped from the beginning with rhythmic drums and verses that keep building to the energy of the chorus. After the first two verses the song cuts to a guitar and drum filled bridge and then get back by reintroducing Taz his distorted voice together with the drums builds up to the last chorus to end it on a guitar driven outro.

Lyrically the song is about standing up for yourself, a message some of us need. While it’s a little less hard hitting than other Belmont songs it still gets stuck in your head.

Chainsmoke- Story Untold

CHAINSMOKE – Story Untold

This song has a little more pop sensibility, and is sonically reminisced of a modern Bring Me the Horizon song, while still getting enough of its own spin going on.

The songs open with distant drums to then start with a guitar driven chorus and seamlessly switch to the first verse. Rhythmic drums and guitar are used during the verse to then build up and explode on the chorus. Lastly the band throws in a dreamy bridge right before getting into the last chorus and ending the song right on the last line of it.

Lyrically the songs feel like a letter to an ex, with lines like “Have you found someone new” and “have you found your peace”

Sharks- Milk Teeth

 Sharks – Milk Teeth

This song will take you back to the 90s with its grunge attitude, distorted guitars and screeching solos. Topped by the laid back and hypnotic voice of singer Becky Blomfield. The song has everything you want in a perfect song to jam out to.

Lyrically the song discusses giving in to temptation and the feeling of being empty, with is a little darker than most songs on this list but fits the grunge sound nicely.

City Sky – Incase We Crash

City Sky – Incase We Crash  

This song starts of a little more mellow than builds up to include more instruments and get more energy. After the first verse and chores we get a little solo that stops to then get you right into the second verse where singer Simon Austin really shows his vocal chops and then is joined by the rest of the band in the chorus. The third verse gets mellow again to then getting to a blast of energy in the last verse kind of mirroring the opening of the song. The band ends with a repeat of the chorus and a hard out of the song.

Lyrically the band discusses the following of one’s dreams. This song sure gives the hype up that we all need.  

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