Kensington: Third times the charm

kensington @ ziggo dome 6-12-2019

Yesterday Kensington played the second day of their three-day concert streak at the Ziggo Dome. Kensington being one of the more famous Dutch rock bands of the last couple of years, made me exited to see them live. But first like always let’s talk about the opening band.     

Amber Run

amber run @ziggo dome 6-12-2019

Amber run is a British indie rock band form Nottingham founded in 2012 the band currently consisting of vocalist Joshua Keogh, bassist Tom Sperring, and Henry Wyeth on keys.

The band released their first ep Noah in February 2014 and released their debut album “5AM” in 2015, since then the have two more albums “For a Moment, I Was Lost” in 2017 and “Philophobia” in 2019

Their 30-minute set was short but powerful, with the band standing on a small part of the stage, it really contrasted with the big venue. the band played songs like “Insomniac”, “5AM” and “What Could be and “Lonely as Love” to get the crowd in the mood.    

And now to the main event Kensington

Kensington is a Dutch rock band from Utrecht, founded in 2005 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Eloi Youssef, vocalist/guitarist Casper Starreveld, bassist Jan Haker and drummer Niles Van Den Berg

kensington @ ziggo dome 6-12-2019

The band released their first ep “Youth” in 2008, the band recorded their debut album “Borders” during 2009 in the studio of Kaiser Chiefs keyboard player Nick Baines, “Borders” was released in 2011, since then the band has released four more albums “Vultures” in 2012, “Rivals” in 2014, “Control” in 2016 and most recently “Time”

kensington @ ziggo dome 6-12-2019

Their set started with a spectacular lightshow, during which the band played their song “What Lies Ahead”, to a incredible antics with the screens behind the band during their performance of “Bats” and incredible fireworks during the songs “Words You Don’t Know”

During the bands encore the made a campfire on stage reminiscent of the album cover for “Time” and played fan favorites like “Chronos”, “Perfect Family Day, “Streets” and of course “St.Helena”    

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