A weekend of beer, heat and moshpits

state champs @jera on air 2019

The 27th edition of Jera on air took place this weekend and I was there, in this post I will go over the 3-day festival day by day.

Nøfx @jera on air 2019

Day 1 Thursday

On day one the campsite opened in the late afternoon, so I used this day to pickup my friends and drive to the festival. When we arrived at the campsite, we put up our tents and went to have a bite to eat.

Then it was time for the pre-party which for us started off with Deez Nuts who gave a show of 1.5 hours. But the band everybody was looking forward to the most this day was Nøfx which is a nofx cover bans that plays at the pre-party of jera almost every year. They sure did live up to their name and gave a show that blew the roof off. After this we went back to our tents to drink some beers and sleep.

Drug Church @jera on air 2019

Day 2 Friday

This was the first full festival day and I started with going to see Drug Church in the morning during with we stood besides the boys of state champs.

Roam @Jera on Air 2019

After Drug Church it was time for Roam which is a band I have wanted to see live for a long time when the Roam set was finished, I went back to my tent to get my state champs shirt and have it signed by state champs.

my signed shirt

next I went to watch As It Is, State Champs, Beartooth and Fever 333. Afterwhich we went to a local park to have a BBQ and went back in the evening to watch Sum 41 and Enter Shikari, thereafter we went back to our tent to sleep.  


state champs @jera on air 2019

as it is @jera on air 2019
Beartooth @ jera on air 2019

Day 3 Saturday

This was the last day of the festival and also the hottest this year, because of this we decided to go to a local swimming pool until the afternoon. Next we went back to chill by our tent. Around the evening we went to see Polaris, Our Last Night, Hatebreed, The Amity Affliction and the ultimate closing band PARKWAY DRIVE.

our last night @jera on air 2019
The Amity Afflicton @jera on air 2019
parkway dirve @jera on air 2019

Afther the closing show we went back to our tent to sleep and lastly pack our stuff on Sunday morning and drive home.

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