Taking back Sunday is back again

Taking Back Sunday @melkweg 23-6-2019

2019 marks 20 years of Taking Back Sunday, to celebrate they have embarked on a yearlong anniversary tour And yesterday they played at Melkweg Amsterdam with support from The Frights.

Before I talk about Taking Back Sunday, let’s put the spotlight on The Frights for a moment.

The Frights are an American surf punk band consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Mikey Carnevale, bassist Richard Dotson, drummer Marc Finn and guitarist Jordan Clark. Their opening set had a duration of 45 minutes during which they warmed up the crowd and really set the mood in the room.

The Frights @melkweg 23-6-2019

After a 15 minutes recess it was finally time for the main act Taking Back Sunday. During their 1.5 hour set the band told stories about the naming of songs and lead singer Adam Lazzara insisting the members of the band where 6 and 7 years old when they founded the band. Other Highlights where the band stretching because someone in the crowd yelled “don’t forget to stretch” and a kid climbing on stage during a story and being questioned about his age and his birthday by the band.   

Taking Back Sunday @melkweg 25-6-2019

Being a celebration of their 20 year anniversary the set list consisted of all songs of their first record “Tell All Your Friends” but also had such classics as Error:Operator, Set Phasers To Stun and last but not least MakeDamnSure.

The crowd which consisted of new and old fans sung along as loudly as they could which always set a great mood during a show, I left with some awesome memories.    

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