The Maine: Does IT Again

The Maine at Melkweg 5-4-2019

A couple of Months ago The Maine took stage at Melkweg max in Amsterdam to play penultimate gig on the European part of their ‘You are O.K’ tour to promote their new album of the same name.

As a big fan of the Maine and their music I was more then excited to see them live for the first time. I’m a regular at the Melkweg to see my favorite bands so I felt right at home at this venue.

But let’s take the spotlight off the Maine and focus on the support they brought, first the least known of the two support bands Calva Louise.

Calva Louise as a band is from London however their members are from a number of different countries. Their singer/guitarist Jess Allanic is from Venezuela and moved to France in her teens, after meeting bassist Alizon Taho, with whom she travelled to the UK, and where joined by Ben parker on drums.

As a bonus I saw them arrive 30 min before their gig started in a rather ordinary car, which to me has its charm.

Being a small relatively unknown band the brought a lot of energy to the stage, with wild jumping and fast paced music they already had part of the crowd moving.

And now on to the second supporting act, Airways. Airways is a British alternative rock band consisting of singer and main songwriter Jake, guitarist Alex, bassist Jamie and drummer Brian. In the Netherlands they are mostly known for their radio hit ‘White Noise Boys’. they brought a slightly more mellow vibe to the stage but that did not stop the crowd from dancing and during their play of white noise boys a mosh pit started al little to the left of me. After having hyped the crowd up for the main act, “The Maine” they left the stage.

Airways at Melkweg 5-4-2019

After the wait The Maine finally took the stage, with a spectacular light show. They started with the first single of their new album “Numb Without You’’ after which they played a couple of older songs. Notably during the middle of their set, the crowd sung along so loudly with ‘We All Roll Along’’ that the singer did not sing at all. The second highlight of the night was singer John O’Callaghan inviting a fan on stage to dance with him. With an encore consisting of ‘Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu’ and “Another Night on Mars” they closed their set.

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