Beartooth:The Disease Tour

Beartooth @melkweg 3-3-2020

Last Tuesday, Beartooth played at melkweg, seeing them live once before I had been waiting till they came back to the Netherlands. This time the brought support from Higher Power and The Amity Affliction. 

Higher Power

higher power @melkweg 3-3-2020

The Higher Power are an English hardcore punk band. Founded in 2014 the band currently consists of vocalist/bassist Jimmy “J-Town” Wizard, guitarist Louis Hardy, guitarist Max Harper, bassist Ethan Wilkinson and drummer Alex Wizard.

The band has released two albums Soul Structure (2017) and most recently 27 Miles Underwater (2020)

The band has played download festival and played with such bands as “Knocked Loose” and “The Acacia Strain

Their set was short but the band showed their chops with songs like “Rewire (101)”, “Passenger”, “Lost in Static” and “Drag the Line”     

The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction @melkweg 3-3-2020

The Amity Affliction is an Australian Metalcore Band, formed in 2003 the band currently consists of vocalist Joel Birch, guitarist Dan Brown, bassist/vocalist Ahren Stringer and drummer Joe Longobardi.

The band has released 7 studio albums, “Severed Ties” (2008), “Youngbloods” (2010), “Chasing Ghost” (2012), “Let the Ocean Take Me” (2014), “This Could Be Heartbreak” (2016) and most recently “Misery” (2018)

The band has toured with bands like “Senses Fail”, “Dream State” and “Motionless in White

Their set was as awesome as I expected, the band was getting the crowd to sing along, starting the firs moshpit and of course getting the crowd ready for Beartooth

During their 45-minut set they played songs like “Coffin”, “Soak Me in Bleach”, Ivy (Doomsday) and “Pittsburgh”   


Beartooth @melkweg 3-3-2020

Beartooth is an American Hardcore/metalcore band, founded in 2012 the band consists of form “Attack Attack!” member Caleb Shomo on vocals, former “City lights” members Kamron Brandbury and Oshie Bichar on guitar and bass, Zach Huston on guitar and Connor Denis on drums, for touring the band also takes along Will Deely on guitar.

The band has released three albums thus far “Disgusting” (2014), “Aggressive” (2016) and “Disease” (2018)

Notably the band has won the 2017 Loudwire Music Award for Breakthrough Band of the Year. And has toured with artists such as “A Day to Remember”, “Hands Like Houses” and “Architects”

Their set was filled with energy form start to finish, with vocalist Caleb asking for moshpit and getting the crowd riled up to scream and jump along. During songs like “Body Bag” he basically let the crowd sing along. Furthermore, the band left the stag to give drummer Connor a 3-minut long drum solo.  

During their set they played songs like “Hated, “I Have a Problem” “Manipulation” “Beaten Lips” and an encore consisting of “In Between”

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