What do i take to a festival?!

Summer is here again with means it’s time to visit our favorite festivals, if it’s a big commercial dance festival or a local pop festival there is always some planning involved. With the big question what do I pack? So here is a little rundown of my packing list.

Camping essentials

First of all, you are going to need a place to sleep, so either rent a tent on the campsite or take your own tent with you, I always do the latter. My own tent has two layers and I would advise you to do the same, this way when you hit the wall of your tent during rain you stay dry. But for the other side of the coin I also pack a vent that works on batteries to cool the tent during heat. To sleep you going to need some sort of air mattress and a sleeping bag. I also recommend bring a pump to inflate the mattress. The one I’m using is an electrical one with a build in battery.     

You also going to need a folding chair so you have something to sit when you chilling in the campsite. Now let’s move on to something you not necessarily going to need but does come in handy, a trekking backpack or army backpack and a folding cart both make it easier to carry stuff to the campsite.

Let’s move on to clothing what I bring are the standard things like underwear and socks. What I do recommend to bring a couple of shirts, a hoodie for when it gets cold in the evening by the same token, I would bring a long pair of jeans. For a really hot day I bring some shorts and a shirt with the sleeves cut off. With this being said it is advised to look at the weather report before going and make sure your clothing works with the weather. my biggest tip would be to bring clothes that are a little bit older.

And now last but not least your groceries, depending on the festival you are attending you can or cannot bring groceries. Now let’s assume you can bring some groceries. I would bring some snacks and something to eat for breakfast. I also would bring some drinks not only alcoholic but also some soda.

Bonus tips

Make sure you bring some painkillers, sunscreen and any medicine you might need. Also make sure you eat and drink enough during the festival.

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