SHOW REPORT: Electric Callboy – Hypa Hypa

After the success of their song “HYPA HYPA”, Electric Callboy hit the road again with the aptly named “HYPA HYPA” tour and bring the party metalcore back to the masses, for this they joined forces with “One Morning Left” and “Blind Channel” so let’s take a look at these acts first.

One Morning Left

One Morning Left is a Finnish metalcore band formed in 2008 and currently consists of vocalist Mika Lathi, guitarist Tuukka Ojansivu, guitarist Leevi Luoto, bassist Miska Sipiläinen,  keyboardist Touko Keippilä and drummer Niko Hyttinen.

Their set was short but powerful, filled with energy and synths, making the crowd moving quickly. They ended their set with an awesome rendition of “Beat It” which got the crowd into a wall of death. All with all they perfectly matched the energy that “Electric Callboy” brings to the stage.

Blind Channel

Blind Channel is a post-hardcore band from Finland, formed in 2013 the band currently consists of vocalist Joel Hokka, vocalist Niko Moilanen, guitarist Joonas Porko, bassist Olli Matela, drummer Tommi Lalli  and DJ Aleksi Kaunisvesi

Blind channel put a lot of effort into their light show and stage perchance, but their set ran a little to long for my taste, especially seeing how they filled their set with covers and the constant pounding beats of their own songs. That being set the bands DJ soloing was an interesting way to change things up. 

Eskimo Callboy

Electric Callboy is a German electronicore band formed in 2010 the band currently consists of vocalist Nico Sallach, vocalist Kevin Ratajczak, guitarist Daniel Haniß  guitarist Pascal Schillo, bassist  Daniel Klossek and drummer David-Karl Friedrich. 

As expected “Electric Callboy” brought the house down, kicking their set right off with “Pump it” and effectively mixing older songs in with their slew of newer hits, by alternating between songs like “The Scene” and “My Own Summer” to get back to their recent success in the form of “We Got The Moves” and “Spaceman”

The band also include the consumes they are known for with these songs into their performance. Last but not last the band ended with their most recognizable hit “Hypa Hypa” giving the crowd one last change to get lose.

I highly recommend seeing Electric Callboy live if you just want a party at a concert.    

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