Release Radar #107

With a little delay its time for a new release radar, so lets take a look

Cry to Your Mother – Emma Blackery

Emma returns to the darker 80s style she sparingly showed on girl in a box, mixed with the vocal delivery of “What Have You Done For Me Lately”. This mix of influences still gives some typical elements of her powerful vocal style and even dreamy sounds on the bridge. Lyrically the song talks about someone being a burden and sending them away.  

Always Lose – Real Friends

The song energy matches that of a typical pop punk tune, heavy guitars, lengthened vocals and a sing along chorus. The chorus hooks you in from the start and is what has you singing along in no time. Sonically the song doesn’t break now ground in terms of the “Real Friends” but just shows them doing what they are good at.  

STFU – Neck Deep

The sound of this song harkens back to earlier “Neck Deep” being fast-paced and drum heavy, with distorted guitars rounding out the sound. Perfect to bounce and mosh too. Lyrically the song takes on “Keyboard warriors”, “social media addiction” and politics.  

Paper Thin – Mayleaf

As expected with Mayleaf, the song brings the fuzz and kicks of right from the start. Despite the heavy fuzz, the song still remains poppy and the chorus stays stuck in your head. Lyrically the song talks about not being able to show your true self, but also being bad at hiding it.  

Losing My Mind – Mayday Parade

This song is on the slower side of “Mayday Parades” sound feeling more piano pop with an emotional undertone, slowly moving forward through the lyrics and with soft vocals. Lyrically the songs protagonist talks about losing someone and making them losing their mind over them.  

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