Show Report: Jason Waterfalls

Jason Waterfalls @Tivoli Vredenburg 26-11-2021

A couple of days ago went to a show that has been postponed multiple times, so to say that I was stoked is to put it mildly, both bands where once I was already familiar with, and had seen live before, so let’s take a look. Starting with opener “The Young River” before we dive in to the main event “Jason Waterfalls”

The Young River

Jason Waterfalls @Tivoli Vredenburg 26-11-2021

“The Young River” is a country pop band, formed in 2017 and currently consist of vocalist/guitarist Nick Jongejan, guitarist Martijn de Lauw ,bassist Timmy Steenstra and drummer Gijs de Waal.

The band has released two eps and a handful of singles thus- far with their latest release being the song “Highway”

They opened their set quickly, starting with the first song almost immodestly after taking the stage, but the band had a slight hiccup when Nick his profile amp decided to reload after the first song, resulting in the band having some banter while waiting for it to restart. High-point of the set was their “Africa” cover right at the end. During their set the played hits such as “Go Getter”, “Dancing in the headlights” and “Highway”

Jason Waterfalls

The Young River @Tivoli Vredenburg 26-11-2021

“Jason Waterfalls” is an alternative pop rock band, formed in 2015 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Thijs, guitarist Paul, bassist Bas and drummer Kirill.

The band has released 9 singles and one album “Pillars” (2020) yet. In the era of touring the band has supported such bands as “Hands Like Houses”, “Against the Current” and “Call It Off

Jason Waterfalls also kicked of their show immediately but with a complementing light show, after playing hit push, the band took some time to greet the fans and drummer Kirill had to fix a hand injury. The band continued with their high energy songs including “Push” “Silhouettes” and “Burn” with the band also taking the time to thank behind the scenes personnel and the crowd for showing up, after the show kept being postponed. Just as “The Young River”, the band added a cover to their set in the form of radioactive originally by imagine dragons. The ended their set with an oldie: “Pieces”

Their stage energy was worth the wait, and I certainly hope that their will be more shows by the band.   

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