Rickkerts TV Thoughts: Moon Knight – EP 2 Summon The Suit

The second episode of moon knight has come out, and it brings some things into perspective.

Firstly the aftermath of episode one, which shows that the jackals that Steven/Marc/ Moon knight fights seem to be invisible to the outside world. This makes the fight scenes from the outside perspective interesting.

The episode also dives deeper into the cult of Ammit and their widespread members, and even more interesting Marc his wife and his double life. Interestingly it seems that Steven is a persona that has manifested later. The episode also lays out the dynamic of the Egyptian gods and the mythos behind them.

The episode mixes the exposition with some creepy tension and action scenes. Weirdly the show still doesn’t show any links with the MCU at large, instead focusing on its own mythos and the McGuffin (the scarab) it be interesting to see how this Egyptology fits in with the divergent gods, aliens and superpowered individuals running around the MCU.

I hope the series gets more fletched out in later episodes.      

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