Rickkert Reviews: Only Seven Left-7

As a already discussed in what the hell happened to, After Seven years, Local Heroes (at least local to me) “Only Seven Left” have announced a reunion and accompanying released a seven song Ep, so with me covering this band for almost the whole reunion, a short review for the ep “7” couldn’t be left out.

Standing out on this album is the energy that is behind it, while the band always has made upbeat pop punk/pop rock the band has added more of a synthpop feel to the songs, which undoubtedly is the influences of vocalist and producer Bjørgen shining through.

Each of the song’s tells a story, which is usually the case with songs, but these have some meta theme’s with opener “Over Again” describing the bands excitement to start their journey once again, or better said do it over again. But the songs also stay in pop territory with synth heavy “White Lies” being a banger of a Love song, as is “Give It All Up”

The band also moves away from the unseal subjects, with “Be A God” asking the listener to think about the hypothetical and “The Victor” simply being about gambling. But there is one thing all these songs have in common, killer instrumentals and a danceable flow.

Right at the end the band decides to throw in on heavier song in the form of “Bridges” describing the metaphorical burning of bridges and featuring pounding drums and vocals in the louder range.

For desert the band gives one last song, the beautiful haunting “Unconventional” an ode to love in every form and the band’s goodbye to the lister for this Ep.

“7” shows the growth the band has made in the last seven years, but makes sure to leave in OSL unique DNA. Front to back the ep feels like a collection of everything the band has in their arsenal and makes you wonder how far the band can go if they do more than a couple of reunion shows.

Songs of “7” you should check out

“White Lies”




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