Rickkert Reviews: Hot Mulligan- I Won’t Reach Out to You

Pop punks hottest band is back once again, were the band’s latest album “You’ll be Fine” was full of life and ready to be blasted during a hot summer, the band takes it a lot slower on this Ep.

Starting with the slow and dreamy guitar tunes of “One For the Boy” the band shows that this Ep takes thing at a different pace than their previous work. Contrasting to this overall feel are the up beat tunes of “Featuring Mark Hoppus” which also shows the band doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The band also shows its heartfelt emotional side, with tracks like “Losing Days”, “Please Don’t Cry, You Have Swag” while still keeping their tongue -in-cheek titles and jokes.

Lyrically the Ep mixes pandemic experiences with Emo/Pop Punk clichés nailing everyone of them but not really feeling like a fresh take. The band showed everything the got on their last album and these songs feel strangely like B-sides. Not in a bad way but the band is capable of so much more, where “You’ll be Fine” made my album of the year list, this one is more of an, add two songs to a playlist and forget about the rest for me.

In conclusion, the Ep shows of some great talent, but it doesn’t show Hot Mulligans talent as you would expect.

Songs of “I Won’t Reach Out to You” you should check out

“Featuring Mark Hoppus”

“Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh)”

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