Rickkert Reviews: Royals- A Spark To Ignite

Five headed pop punk machine Royals has released their second EP “A Spark To Ignite” a couple of days ago. Coincidently I have already discussed most of the songs on this Ep on Release Radar. So, let’s see how they fit into a greater narrative.

Opener “Worldwide Catastrophe” is a heavy and poppy opener with the typical feel of British pop punk. What I find the most interesting is the synth that is used on the vocals and more in the rhythm section. The songs subject feels, lets say current.

On to the second song “Fair-Weather Friend” this one feel way more poppy to me and also gives more of a hook on the chorus. At the halfway point we have “Gone” which the band has left to be released with the EP instead of a single. Which makes the tonal change on the song more surprising and sets up the shift on the Ep onward to songs like “Jaded” which goes all out with its pop hooks.

EP closer “Out Of Reach” shows more of the bands heavy guitar work and the rawer side of Alex his vocals and some neon inspired verses. Which, makes this song my favorite of the whole Ep.

Lyrically the EP focuses on some heavy themes, such as disaster, substance abuse and depression but also some more cliché subjects such as heartbreak and love. That being said the band does put them into some catchy tunes.

While “A Spark to Ignite” doesn’t re-invent the wheel in terms of pop punk, it does feature some bangers.

Songs of “A Spark to Ignite” you should check out!

“Worldwide Catastrophe”


“Out Of Reach”   


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