Release Radar #82

It’s time for release radar once again!

Nyctus – After Aristotle

The song opens with slow bass and guitar before Kira her vocals drag you in. The chorus itself takes things louder, before going for haunting instrumentals, the song keeps up with its energy over the second verse and chorus, before the instrumentals shine again. The bridge goes with softer vocals, contrasting with the rest of the song. The slow feel of the bridge slowly builds back to one last chorus.

Lyrically the song describes a myriad of feelings: Loneliness, perseverance, and heartbreak.

What I like about this song is Kira her vocal energy and the way the instruments contrast with it.   

White lies – Only Seven Left

Opening with dark synths, the song quickly adds drums and vocals with some effects. The chorus kicks of with its synth feel and the energy behind the vocals. Contrasting with its energetic chorus, the verse sound a lot darker, which give the second chorus its kick. The bridge takes things a slower and gives the piano its moment to shine. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about the white lies in a relationship and the protagonists reasons to end the relationship

What I like about this song is the danceable vibe the synths give the song.    

Open My Eyes – Autumn Fires  

Slowly fading in with distorted guitars and pounding drums, the song gives the instrumentals a moment to shine before introducing the vocals. The chorus hooks you in with sweet sounding vocals and upbeat instrumentals. The chorus flows into the second verse, which follows the same blueprint as the first. After, the second chorus the bridge consists of a drum fill before the song ends with a sped up chorus.

Lyrically the song describes how the protagonist is blinded by love.

What I like about this song is the sugary undertones it has, giving it a happier sounding flavor.

Set The Room Ablaze – Cant Swim Ft Caleb Shomo

Opening with distorted guitar and bass, the song truly kicks of after… yells the songs title, with the song guitars keeping their distortion and the vocals flow pushing forward. The song takes it slower on the chorus before kicking things into high gear again. The bridge goes into full breakdown mode, before the song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about backstabbing your friends to get to the top and how you can’t change the past.

What I like about the song is how it kicks-off and from then on just keeps going.

Breaking Point – No Bragging Rights

The song kicks of with some mathcore type riffs, before picking up speed in its instrumentals and grunting lyrics. The song takes it slower for a moment on the chorus before going into full breakdown mode. The song keeps its energy high with pounding drums and grunting lyrics until the bridge, where both take things slower and clean vocals are brought to the forefront. The song ends with this emotional driven chorus, slowly mixing the louder elements back in.

Lyrically the song feels like an argument between two lovers, with one wishing to leave.

What I like about this song is how it kicks off for the most part, but than surprises with its emotional end.

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