Release Radar #109

It’s finally time for a new release Radar, so lets dive in to a couple of new releases.

Bot Lobby – WSTR

WSTR seems to return to their fast paced roots, with upbeat guitars and pounding drums introducing the song, which kicks in from the start. With around 3 minutes of energetic pop punk the song draws to a close.

Lyrically the song talks about a break-up and the protagonists’ description of their exs new relationship.  

Over You – Flash Forward ft As December Falls

Flash forward and As December Falls are both more known for their up-beat pop punk, which makes it surprising that this song goes for a more mellow sound, with soft beats and vocals only getting loud far a couple of seconds on the bridge. Vocally the alternating pattern of both vocalist fit well together and seems the really show their strength when mixed in the choruses.

Lyrically the song is about love and trying to get over a past lover.   

When We Break – After Elmer

Taking their 2000s type pop punk down a level, After Elmer brings instead shows their Emotional side with this acoustic track.

Lyrically the song talks about those moments where you feel unheard.

Heartbreak Anniversary – 408

Keeping with the softer emotional theme of this list, 408 goes with more poppy instrumentation in their story about heartbreak and the memories that are linked to it. While the verses feel more poppy, the band does get you jumping and singing along at the chorus.  

Reason – Penny Bored ft CRLO

Starting with pop punk style guitars and pounding drums, Penny Bored her vocals quickly Flow with the instrumentation. CRLO his party flows seamlessly with the rest of the song, which is mostly an up beat sing along.

Lyrically the song goes for the theme of a fight in a relationship and the protagonist’s arguing of they should stay.   

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