Release Radar #108

After a six-month hiatus to work on my thesis, I return with a new blog post. So, lets dive into this week releases.

Skyline – After Elmer

Skyline is a pop punk banger which brings back the vibes of a lot of earlier Dutch pop punk bands, together with an early 2000’s emo feel within the vocals and the guitar work.  The closing gang vocals of the song are easy to sing along, as well as the lyrical content which is an ode to the band’s hometown.

Hold on Together – Lights Out

Hold On Together is a sadder affair, heaving a more melancholy tone to the song, but also pounding drums and upbeat guitars, the song aims to give heart ships a positive twist, and be an anthem of unification.

Sunnyside – Autumn Fires

On Sunnyside, Autumn Fires continues their upbeat pop punk sound and makes you want to jump right away. The song itself keeps a happy overall tone, with the lyrics being about moving on and getting back to the sunnyside of live.

Lemon Spiders – Paperweight

Lemon Spiders makes use of a mix of traditional instruments and electronics to give to song a certain vibe, with the vocals punching with the real force of the song and the lyrics being metaphorically  writing about the wrong people in once live.  

Without Me – Dayseeker

Dayseeker steps away from their original metalcore sound on Without Me. Instead, going some more synths and softer vocals. Which still fits dayseekers overall vibe and keeps their sound fresh.

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