Show Report: A Night of Fuzz

A couple of day’s ago it was time for a new show, part of Foxlane and Pom’s co-headline tour, which can be felt in their overall energy during their shows, so let’s dive in.

First on the list is Foxlane.

Foxlane is a Dutch indie rock band, formed around 2015 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Guus Timmermans, guitarist Christiaan Végh, bassist Norman Samuels and drummer Joris van der Veeken.

The band’s discography currently consists of one Ep and a handful of singles.

During their 45 minute set, was a blast from start to finish, with the band pulling you in with their stage presence right when the introduced themselves. Furthermore, the band used the psychedelic parts of the music to build tension during their live performance, mostly felt with songs like “Flash Lights, underground” and their biggest hit “Birmingham”. My personal favorite part of the set came near the end when vocalist Guus jumped into the crowd, to jump around during the high point of their own song.

Their setlist also include songs such as “Time flies why waste It?” and “Halley’s Comet”

On the more fuzzy filled band of the evening Pom

Pom is a Dutch Fuzzypop band formed somewhere before 2018, the band currently consists of vocalist Liza, guitarist Luc, guitarist joy bassist Michael and drummer Justin.  

Their discography currently consists of one Ep and a handful of singles.

With the crowd warmed up from “Foxlane’s” energetic set they quickly got the energy back up in the room, with their fuzz filled kick off and Liza her stage presence. At the back end of their set, the crowd got the most energetic, with moshpits starting in the middle of the crowd, with the band hyping it on. But my favorite moment was during the bands last song, where vocalist Liza kept the song going while surfing the crowd. If, you have the chance I would highly recommend seeing “Pom” live.

During thier set they some of my favorite songs, such as “Kim“ ,“Down The Rabit Hole“ and “Eat Me, I’m Sad“   


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