Rickkert Reviews: Meet Me @ The Altar – Model Citizen

Over the last year “Meet me @ The Altar” has taken the scene by storm and introduced some well-needed diversity into the scene. With their singing to “Fueled By Ramen” it was a matter of time before the band dropped a new Ep.  And it’s finally here.

The band describes themselves as bouncy pop punk which immediately rings true in opening track “Feel A Thing” which forms somewhat of a throwback to the easycore days, but has more heartfelt lyrics.

“Mapped Out” pulls you in with its poppy hooks, and is lyrically and vocally excellent, with that being said the instrumentals sometimes feel like riff spaghetti. The lyrics themselves tell a story about being lost and finding your way in life.

My favorite song of the Ep “Brighter Days (are Before Us)  also does true to the bouncy pop punk, as well as giving Edith her powerful vocals a moment to shine lyrically it gives a bright look at the future.

The bouncy trend moves forward on “Now Or Never” which has an ear worm of a chorus, but the drums feel overused and too similar to those featured on earlier songs.

“Never Gonna Change” ironically seems to bring a change to the overall feel of the ep, with softer vocals and a longer stretched intro. With lyrics talking about making mistakes and staying true to once self.

Easycore is fully back in the intro of “Wake Up” right before a comic bleep to censor the band. The song a little busy at times but makes up for it in its breakdowns.

Lyrically the Ep tells a story of following your dreams and staying true to yourself, attributes that are important for a young band as well as people in general.

Overall the Ep feels like a great continuation of MM@TA rise with the scene, with some side notes which mostly seem to come from the bands enthusiastic approach and sound, which makes the songs a little to busy sometimes. Still, I would like to she how this Ep plays out live and I recommend that you keep an eye on this band.

Songs of “Model Citizen” you should check out

“Mapped Out”

“Brighter Days (are before US)”

“Wake Up”    

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