In The Adventure: Backstage Pass

Windup Space @De Meester Almere 1-10-2021

Finally its time for a show rapport again, a special one this time as this concert was organized by myself. Which, means I can give some behind the scene’s info.

As part of my internship I had to book and promote a type of event, I chose to do a crossover between an Emo Night and a new Discovery idea. Which, resulted into the concept of “In The Adventure”. Now lets get to the artists.

Windup Space

Windup Space @ De Meester Almere 1-10-2021

Windup Space are an Alt-rock/Emo punk band, formed in 2012 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Menno van Marle, bassist Jesse Kwaks and drummer Steven van Marle.

The band has released two Eps and one full album with their latest release being the Ep “Endless Sky (2021). Furthermore, the band has won prizes for best rock band of Breda and the small prize of Holland.

Their set kicked of with a blast, with the band quickly introduced themselves and started to show what they got, Their 45 minute set, included both their earlier work and songs that are featured on their latest Ep, with my favorites being “California” “Scared Enough” and their ending kick of “The Words”

The Spvrk

The Spvrk @ De Meester Almere

The Spvrk are a pop punk band from the Netherlands, forming in 2014 the band consists of vocalist/bassist Hannah Versteegen, vocalist/guitarist Rinus van de Weerd And drummer Roos Dukker.

Currently the band has released a handful of single, with their latest being “549”

The band took the stage with eagerness to finally play and played a couple of songs before introducing themselves, thanking the crowd for coming to see them and even thanking me for organizing the shows. Their set consisted of “549” “Into the Cold” “Disconnection” and some awesome covers including “Avril Lavigne’s” “Complicated”  

Big Boys At The Disco/Emo Night Mainland

Between the bands and the Dj’s of the Dutch Emo Night, known as Emo Night Mainland Bart Weijers and Nicole den Oude where nice enough to provide musical entertainment as well as giving a mini emo night in the last hour of the show.

The Behind The Scenes

After two years of emailing and working to organize the event, I was overly excited that it finally could take place, with that being said the day itself I felt nervous and found out about all the stuff I forgot or didn’t know, but it was easily the most fun I have had in a long time.

Special thanks to all people involved!    

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